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In an effort to align student assessments and the Jones County School District grading policy, there have been some revisions made by the elementary handbook committee for the 2014-2015 school year. Upper elementary students are currently in their second year of mastering the College and Career Readiness standards, and in order to transition to these new standards and assist these students with achieving success, the percentages used in the calculation of final grades have been adjusted for the different types of assignments and assessments. Please find below the new grading revisions for Grades 2-6. These revisions will be effective for all of the grading periods for this school term.

Summative Tests - 40%

Summative tests include chapter tests, unit tests, or other culmination assessments.

Classwork/Homework - 35%

Performance-based assessments - 25%

Performance-based assessments test students' abilities to demonstrate mastery of multiple standards with increasing complexity. At least 2 performance-based assessments will be given each nine weeks.

The elementary handbook committee plans to increase the summative percentage next year as upper elementary students will be in their third year of mastering the College and Career Readiness Standards. If you have questions, please contact our school or the Jones County School District Office.